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BengalLegacyCats giving back!

Sebastian left us today for his new home. He is a gift from BengalLegacyCats to a family who have been through way too much this year. We were notified about their struggles a month ago from a close trusted friend, and decided they needed cheering up, and what better way, than with a beautiful Bengal kitten.
They have been through so much hardship, for the families privacy we have called the son 'Ben', Ben had to leave his family and move miles away this year due to being attacked, he also suffers from Autism, and other medical conditions. His family got him a cat to help build a friendship with Ben and bring him comfort, sadly they had been sold a kitten way underage and with numerous health issues and he passed away. As you can imagine added to Bens sadness and  hardship.
We know how important anyone's mental health is and to be able to make them smile again is priceless!
We wish you all the love and happiness in the world xxx


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