Now in our 4th generation of breeding Silver Bengals, we have managed to erase all brown tones (tarnish) in our Silver program to create this beautiful bright sterling silver shade to the breed. Silver Bengals are becoming increasingly popular worldwide. And are just majestic to look at and own.


Silver Charcoals genetic make up (apb/a which means it has one copy of the ALC gene and one copy of the non agouti gene) they are still relatively new in the Bengal Cat world, with breeders focusing on bringing different genetics in to the breed for us to be able to present to you a silver toned Bengal with a dark zorro Mask and cape.


Genetic make up (a/a Non Agouti). I personally find the Silver Smokes to be one of the most majestic colours of the Bengal Cat, they are not very common, and make wonderful additions to Silver breeding programs & a very special unique pet!

Silver Bengal Cats FAQS

How much does a Silver Bengal Cat Cost?

All Bengal kittens prices differ based on the same aspects.

COAT: Condition, contrast and pattern.
HEAD: Profile, chin, ear set, eye shape, frontal and back skull shape.
TAIL: Length and thickness.
COLOUR: only smoke, Melanistic or solid colours are priced lower due to them not having the clear contrasted pattern we usuually see on a Bengal cat. Breeders will still keep these colour varitaions within their program due to what these unique colours can produce.

Not one breeder will price their cats the same. There are so many factors that play a huge part in pricing kittens.
If you are in any social media groups, you may see huge debates about pricing, but only the breeder knows what to value their cats as.
Some are priced very low, this could be due to cutting outgoing costs, being a 'hobby' breeder, and there are those who dedicate their whole lives to this breed, some choose not to show their cats, this isnt encouraged, and all breeders should show what they breed.
Breeding is very expensive when done correctly. If we are doing this at the highest of levels, then this will reflect in our pricing.
Its you who as to weigh up buying a cheap kitten who could have many hidden health issues,or come from an unlicened breeder (not legal anymore in England), or paying extra for one who has come from a ethical and legal breeding program.

It is now a legal requirement in England for anyone who is selling kittens to be Licenced by their local council, if they are not, please do not encourage buying kittens from them as this only supports unethical breeding establisments.
Having a licence means they are inspected to the highest if standards, it means you can rest assured knowing your kittens are coming from a breeder who is not cutting any corners.

our kittens as pets cost between £1400-£1800 as spayed/ neutered pets.

We hope this helps.

All our love BengalLegacyCats xx

What Are The Types of Silver Bengal Cats?

There are 4 types of Silver Bengal Cat.

1- Silver with Black rosetting.
2- Silver Charcoal, like no1 but with a mask of zorro on its face.
3- Silver Snow (lynx, mink, sepia).
4- Silver Smoke. (see BengalLegacy DarkObsession in the Queens).

Are Silver Bengal Cats Rare & what is Silver?

Silver Bengal Cats aren't as common as other colours, brown and snow, but are becoming more popular throughtout the world.
Silver, like silver jewlery, should not have any brown tarnish on them, Silver should be bright and well contrasted.
Some Silver kittens can have tarnish (brown patches), this happens in a breeding program that has recently gone in to breeding Silvers, or a first silver and brown or silver and snow mating.
Silver is an inhibitor gene so it has to build up to inhibit even better, certain genetics such as Apb can influence this to work even more.
Think of warm blond hair to icy white silver toned blonde hair.
Silver is actually lack of colour, its original colour is brown, but weve taken the warm tones away.
Silver is one of my favorite colours, its majectic and simply captivating.

Do Bengal Cats like to Cuddle?

Bengals raised in the correct home with alot of people, enviromental enrichment and love are the best friends you could every ask for. Cuddles are given freely as this is what they are cultivated upon from newborns.
Sadly there are breeders who cannot meet these very much needed requirements to ensure the cubs are well adapted to humans, you then end up with a withdrawn, skittish Bengal.