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ramses kitten award.jpg

Name: DesGriffesDeFeu RAMSES ( aka  bambam)  (Also cashmere program).
Colour: Seal Spotted Lynx  ( Tabby) Point 
Eye Colour: Blue
Sire: PowWow DesGriffesDeFeu
Dam: Nathalie DesGriffesDeFeu
Pra/b: Normal
Pkdef: Normal
Fiv/Felv: Normal

Ramses came to me as a wonderful surprise from my husband, he knew how much I adored Naths breeding program and how much I wanted a seal Lynx with such amazing type and structure.
Ramses has everything I could ever dream of in a Bengal Stud, we feel incredibly fortunate to have this opportunity in BengalLegacyCats. I hope to lock in his incredible type and also bring this to our Silver side of our breeding program  this year.


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